The MMO World Update

Nov 25 mmogurl  

So, really overall there hasn’t been too much going on in the MMO World. LOTRO recently launched it’s first expansion pack, Mines of Moria, and Everquest 2 has also launched a new expansion pack called The Shadow Odyssey. Lineage 2 has added some new updates to it’s line of expansions, most appealing being the new pvp game,

There are still many games in beta that have eluded me. I’m still trying to get into the betas for Darkfall, Runes of Magic, and Pristontale 2. I’ve contacted all of their Community Manager’s on the forums about beta inclusion for a preview and not a one responded back to me.

There is however a Pristontale 2 Closed Beta giveaway at MMOsite.com starting tomorrow. Although you have to be an mmosite member and have a specific ranking to get it.

That’s about all for now..back to grinding that death knight in WoW!