For Those Who Preordered Stormblood and didn’t get a code!

For Those Who Preordered Stormblood and didn’t get a code!

Jun 20 mmogurl  

Just wanted to drop a quick line for those who may have been freaking out as I was! Yesterday SE dropped an announcement about how to activate your copy of Stormblood. I preordered from the SE Store and got a digital copy. It mentions this in regards to digital copies purchased from their store:

Blah Blah Blah Instructions for Mogstation..Blah..then

4. Enter your 20-digit registration code in the field at the bottom of the screen, then click “Next.”

HUH?! WHAT 20 DIGIT CODE? I got an early access code! That was it!

So I find some reddit posts talking about how it will likely be launched on the day of. But this post from Square doesn’t say anything about it. I’m thinking if they are releasing this info, the codes must have gone out already, right? There is more info about the registration codes in the article:

What is a registration code?
A registration code is a 20-digit code that is used to register the Windows, Mac, or Steam version of a product to your service account via the Mog Station. This code can be found printed on the manual which comes with the physical package, or sent in an email in the case of digital downloads.  Steam users simply need to navigate to FINAL FANTASY XIV in their Steam game library, and select “CD Key” from the menu on the right to review their code. Registration codes cannot be reissued, so please store them carefully.”

I’m like well crap! When did they send the email? I was worried that maybe they sent it in the original order invoice email (which I couldn’t find). I also wondered why hitting Unlock code on their website under My orders didn’t do anything but show me the early access code again. Well I jumped the gun and got worried for nothing.

I got my code (6/20) today via email at 11:11 (oooo) AM. It is done! Just wanted to post in case there are people who still haven’t gotten theirs. It’s coming! Just wait for it.