Final Fantasy XIV Character Creation

Jun 09 mmogurl  

Yay it’s my first NEW video in years! I really need to work on saying “Ya know” less though. Not even aware of it at the time of recording, but wow, hearing it soooo many times during production. I’ll have to work on that..or YA KNOW make a game out of it! Maybe I can start a ya know timer for each video and it will be my thing..LOL.

You can go to youtube and see all the details in the info. I’ll put the chardata here too just in case someone watches the video here instead. Download the data files here! http://bit.ly/2s4xNOp

Just extract the files into your My documents/My Games/ Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn/ folder you should see the other chara data there as well..make sure you rename them if they conflict with any others. They are labeled as 1,2,3,4, etc as they are here.