I thought I was the only one…

Jun 18  mmogurl  

..that had gotten this song horribly stuck in my head. For my birthday, my husband even got me a frankie the fish it was so bad!

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Finally got my mount!

Jan 13  mmogurl  

And here’s my mount in all it’s crowning glory! Sadly I don’t feel much more like playing my Sorc as I have like 4 more levels to go before I can finally start laying down the law in pvp. As […]

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Darkfall Online Release Date

Dec 05  mmogurl  

Finally we have a release date for DFO. January 22nd, 2009 is the date for the European launch which North American players are also invited to participate in. That’s really all the article says aside from some blabbity blah blah […]

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Anything New and Interesting?

Nov 28  mmogurl  

So, to tell you the truth, I’ve played a lot of MMOs within the past couple of months. And all in all, none of them have been that spectacular. I try to be fair for the community that follows my […]

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Atlantica Fight

Nov 27  mmogurl  

Watch the epic fight…with you guessed it…deer!

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Nov 26  mmogurl  

OMG this lady is crazy!!!

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