Anything New and Interesting?

Nov 28 mmogurl  

So, to tell you the truth, I’ve played a lot of MMOs within the past couple of months. And all in all, none of them have been that spectacular. I try to be fair for the community that follows my rantings, but sometimes I just have to be harsh with it. Most MMOs out today follow the exact same mantra – give or take – and are boring. Right now I’m playing WoW and I think why a lot of people do play WoW is because it has the best system out of all the others.

Like for instance, you may have a point-to-click game that offers some sort of customization, and maybe you can make your character look really bad ass, but when you hop in game and start playing it just feels repetitive and horrible.

Perhaps this is because a lot of the surviving MMOs out there – the ones that still have a pretty good fan-base – are simply too old for new people to get into. The main reason I play WoW aside from it in my opinion being the best of the worst (if you will), is because I already went through all that newbie crap a long time ago. I know how to level, I know the areas, I know talent builds, etc etc. When a game that has been around for so long evolves, they never go back to fix the beginning areas, they always add on to end game. So, if you’re just starting, you’re seeing what they came out with X years ago.
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This probably doesn’t help, ya know? So in reality, you’re stuck on playing whatever it was you started playing X years ago and you will always have a sort of familiarity and comfort with that game. Nobody likes to be a newb, and certain games do NOT cater to you as a newb at all. So the only games that have a true possibility of captivating you, are those that everyone else is starting for the first time also!

I do have some hopes for some new games coming out. Mainly Darkfall Online. I would give a finger to play in this beta, but they won’t have me /sob. I’m also interested in Aion, but while it is a beautiful game, I worry about it falling into the same trap most new MMOs that rely on graphics do. A pretty game doesn’t always mean a good game!

So, yeah, unfortunately, I can’t be Super Miss Positive about some of these games. I mean Atlantica Online for instance? It’s just soooooo boring. The idea of a turn-based MMO was definately an innovative idea, but it really didn’t play out well. The environment is alienating and robotic. The game does almost everything for you, so what’s left for you to play?

So in closing, play what makes you happy.