Almost mount time!

Jan 11 mmogurl  

So I finally settled down on a character in WAR, and picked a sorceress. They’re fun! I’m about level 18 and waiting to get my mount! I don’t know if I will stick with this character until 40 though. It’s definately fun, but lacks a lot in my opinion. I would love to play a chosen, but am not really hellbent on playing a male character. I’m just one of those people that has to stick to their gender in a game. I wrote in some “Constructive feedback” to mythic begging for more Chaos females. I mean let’s face it…Zealot I’ve got to level 10 now, and in PVE they are worthless to solo. They don’t die, but everything takes like 4 minutes to kill. This is just NOT my style. I know they are a healing class, but you can’t heal a monster to death. Psh. Magus isn’t really an option for me, because if I wanted to play a caster, I’d play my Sorc.

So here’s hoping they may add something in. I don’t really want to play order because all my RL friends are on destruction..so WOE-IS-ME.!